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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time to prune my tree?
    Most trees, contrary to popular belief, can be pruned any time except early spring. Fruit trees, birch trees, magnolias and a few others have more specific requirements. If in doubt, give me a ring - I'm always happy to chat about trees.
  • My ash tree has some dead wood. Could it be ash dieback?
    Not necessarily. The disease tends to cause a sudden loss of leaves rather than isolated dead branches. If you suspect that your tree has ash dieback, you can check the symptoms here, and fill in the Forestry Commission's 'Tree Alert' form if necessary. The Woodland Trust also provides information on diagnosis and reporting. Ash dieback is a notifiable disease, and biosecurity is important.
  • Can you remove my tree AND roots?
    With a smaller tree, the roots can be winched out. With larger trees, a stump grinder, which reduces the stump to below soil level, is the most effective way of removing visible traces of the tree.
  • What is the best tree for a small garden?
    My favourite would have to be a Japanese maple. They are relatively slow-growing, need little maintenance, and add colour and interest to a garden. They're especially beautiful in the autumn.Japanese maple tree
  • How far do the roots of my tree extend?
    They generally extend beyond the canopy of the tree, so if you are thinkng of planting a tree close to your house or drains, think about the expected mature size of the tree and allow an extra 10% for safety.
  • My neighbour has a tree that overhangs my garden. Can I cut off the overhanging branches?
    Yes, up to the boundary and as long as you offer them the wood. However, to avoid ill-feeling or confrontations, it would be a good idea to discuss it with your neighbours first.