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Benches and garden art

A pile of logs, with the caption: 'Hardwood logs delivered. £50 per builder's bag. 07727 913881.

Benches made from felled treeBenches and garden art

Not all trees can be preserved, and where felling is necessary I enjoy taking a tree from standing to becoming a piece of garden furniture, especially if the tree has sentimental value to the customer. I aim to transform a familiar and valued tree into a piece of lasting garden art that can be enjoyed for many years to come. Each piece is unique, and its form is governed by the shape and character of the tree and the wishes of the customer.

I can also provide bespoke furniture and other items made from timber sourced from my own sustainably managed woodland. If you would like to know more, please telephone or email me to discuss your requirements.

At a recent family barbecue, everyone admired the benches and picnic table you built us. Though we miss the old tree, it's comforting to know that it's still part of our garden and has been put to good use.